Pitch@Palace 8.0 – Applications Closed

Apply for Pitch@Palace 8.0

Applications for Pitch@Palace 8.0 are now closed.


Pitch@Palace 8.0 will focus on The Future of Mobility, Autonomous Systems and Materials and will explore Technology that impacts the Future Evolution of Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems and the Critical Materials that are essential for the functioning of High-Tech products.

The categories for Pitch@Palace 8.0 will be:

  • New Materials
  • Transport and Mobility
  • Material Sustainability and Recycling
  • The Supply Chain
  • Connectivity and 5G
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Human Impact
  • Education
  • Healthcare


The Journey to St. James’s Palace

Pitch@Palace Mentoring

The mentoring sessions provide applicants to the Pitch@Palace programme the opportunity to network with Pitch@Palace Elevators, who can help develop your business idea, and for Pitch@Palace Alumni to provide an insight on the programme ahead of the Pitch@Palace On Tour events.

Entrepreneurs will network and meet in small groups to discuss their business idea.

Pitch@Palace On Tour

In the run up to Pitch@Palace Boot Camp, 3 Pitch@Palace On Tour events provide Entrepreneurs from across the United Kingdom with the opportunity to learn about the Pitch@Palace programme, connect to local stakeholders and receive mentoring to develop their businesses.

The winners from each Pitch@Palace On Tour event are selected to attend Pitch@Palace Boot Camp.

Pitch@Palace Boot Camp

Pitch@Palace Boot Camp provides 42 Entrepreneurs with the opportunity to hear from leading industry experts and Pitch@Palace Alumni, as well as receiving support and mentoring. All participants are asked to Pitch to a Panel of Judges, who will select up to 15 Entrepreneurs to Pitch at St. James’s Palace.

All Entrepreneurs who attend Pitch@Palace Boot Camp are invited to attend Pitch@Palace 8.0 and have the opportunity to network at the event.

Pitch@Palace People’s Choice Award

The People’s Choice Award is an opportunity to showcase all 42 Entrepreneurs participating in Pitch@Palace that have been selected to attend Boot Camp. Each Entrepreneur competes for the People’s Choice Award in the run up to the main Pitch@Palace event via a dedicated website page where the public can take a look at each of the Entrepreneurs’ Pitch videos (filmed at Boot Camp) and vote for their favourite Entrepreneur. The winner of the People’s Choice Award vote is announced at the main Pitch@Palace event at St. James’s Palace.

Timeline of Events



  • Pitch@Palace Mentoring

    CEME, Rainham


  • Pitch@Palace On Tour


  • Pitch@Palace Mentoring

    CJBS, Cambridge

  • Pitch@Palace On Tour


  • Pitch@Palace On Tour



  • Pitch@Palace Boot Camp



  • Pitch@Palace 8.0

    St. James’s Palace

Key Dates


  • Pitch@Palace On Tour Aberdeen – Applications Closed
  • Pitch@Palace On Tour Bristol – Applications Closed
  • Pitch@Palace On Tour Oldham – Applications Closed
  • Pitch@Palace Boot Camp – Applications Closed


Become an Elevator

Elevators support Pitch@Palace entrepreneurs through the programme. For further information on becoming an Elevator please click here.