Be resilient, but generous with your time

The serial biotechnology entrepreneur and business angel Dr Andy Richards CBE thinks that the business investor sector in this country has never been better.

Within science and technology, 3D printing, stem cells, the impact of AI and big data on the tsunami of data that comes through will change our lives, he says.

And while this offers exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs it will also deliver a corresponding societal benefit to the UK. There are grand challenges in agriculture and health that offer markets beyond calculation and although there are challenges to break through, it represents a great endeavour.

Using his own experience as founder of Chiroscience and investor in companies including Arakis and Cambridge Biotechnology Ltd, he lists the qualities that entrepreneurs might find useful to have to achieve this endeavour:

– Have ambition but be resilient
– Understand what you are trying to achieve at a deep level
– Exploit your individual entrepreneurial skills but do as part of a team
– Have balance and focus
– Make the most of events – pressure forces creativity
– Be generous with your time

Image Credit: Via Flickr