Coffee Republic founder Sahar Hashemi OBE says it’s all about being delightful


Put yourself in your customers shoes

Try to see your business through the eyes of your customers – keep asking yourself “as a customer would i like this?”. This will give you great insight into what you can improve and whats missing. As Jeff Bezos says “we don’t seek to disrupt, we seek to delight”.  Think how you can DELIGHT your customers.

Become an expert of your market
Do all the market research yourself- immerse yourself in your idea- live it breathe it- call around-ask around- meet people- visit competitors- all these things hone your gut instinct- so when you are guessing making decisions in the dark as entrepreneurs always do- its more of an educated guess.

The devil is in the detail
Remember it’s not about how great your idea is, but about how well you implement it. Everyone can copy your idea- but nobody can copy how you implement it and how focused you are on every single detail of your business.  So it’s not only about entrepreneurs having the “big picture”, because the ‘little picture” matters a lot too. There is no detail that is too small to matter when you start.

Remember that lack of money and resources actually makes you more creative not less. It forces the discipline of bootstrapping – you have to make 2 +2= 5 and use your resources in most efficient productive manner! This is a good thing as it gets you closer to the business.

Notch up on No’s
Our default reaction when it comes to new ideas is to rejection, so factor this in. Everyone around you is going to say ‘no’ or at best try to dissuade you.  Ignore them, move on. Next! The more ‘no’s you get, the closer you are to getting a ‘yes’

Sahar Hashemi OBE  is founder of Coffee Republic and Skinny Candy.