the pop stick

The Pop Stick

Pop Products makes the Pop Stick!

Selfie sticks were 2014's biggest tech seller. However they are clunky, large and hard to carry around. They also take ages to mount the smart phone.

Pop Products has come up with the next generation selfie stick. The wristband that pops into a selfie stick.

Killer Features

WEARABLE - A waterproof wristband that pops up into a selfie stick to help you take bigger, better selfies.

EXTENDABLE - Extends to over half a meter so everyone and everything can get in the picture.

ADJUSTABLE - Mount your smartphone at 45, 90 or 180 degrees to capture the action at multiple angles.

STRONG - Military grade materials ensure The Pop Stick is stable in both wristband and selfie stick mode.

SECURE - Our patent pending mount ensures your smartphone is securely mounted.

CONNECTED - Connects to your smartphone using bluetooth low energy to remotely capture photos.