Fangs for the opportunity

While Tint Ldn might currently have a website whose address is the playful, research suggests that its founders might be onto something that proves the opposite to be true.

After all, who doesn’t want to have a pearly white smile at a cost-effective price with a product that improves general dental health?

It’s something that Mark Curry, one of the start-ups founders, realised when he identified that consumer health would be the next global growth platform.

After conducting research among both young and older consumers about how dental care could be done differently, he found out that younger people wanted amazing teeth while their older counterparts liked them too but were more concerned about general dental health and keeping their teeth as long as they possibly could. His solution is a product that claims to be able to do both.

Tint Ldn creates medical device products that are for the beauty and health of consumers and its first product is a tooth paint that instantly gives the colour and shade of teeth that people want as well as providing health benefits at the same time.

Curry said that his time at Boot Camp has provided some very good contacts and given him sales traction, so is well on his way to making his dream a reality. “The pace is frenetic,” he added. Maybe he’s not so mad after all.

Image Credit: Via Flickr