Four Top Leadership Tips from DFS’s Ian Filby

Entrepreneurs are blessed with having a purpose believes Ian Filby, the chief executive of DFS. Speaking at Pitch@Palace 7.0 Bootcamp in Nottingham, he said that this purpose means that they are also likely to live longer and happier lives. However it is also important to have people in your organisation who share this purpose.

To become a successful leader, Filby says that there are four pillars you might need to lean upon:

1. The spiritual – whether this is a religion or philosophy adopting mindfulness or meditation, Entrepreneurs need thinking time. It’s important to reflect.

2. Physical health – you need to look after yourself! No matter how busy you are your schedule is, you can always find – or make – time to do exercise.

3. Emotional health – equally it’s important to see your family and friends. Always consider them to be sacrosanct, says Filby. “Always try and understand other people’s perspectives. Get good people around you – not yes people but people who will build on your ideas or challenge you, he added.

4. Wealth – if you do get in position of creating wealth, think about what money is for, what you want to do with it and how you want it to make you feel.

He concludes: “Follow your people, listen to them, take a few risks and you could have phenomenal success on your hands.”