Lessons from Boot Camp


Speaking at Pitch@Palace 8.0 Boot Camp, Mukul Kumar, Chief Innovation Officer of Hult International Business School, described what he called “the exponential age”, where the combination of technology and data would replace the old pattern of linear economic growth.

However Entrepreneurs and Innovators would need to adapt their mind set to make the most of this era of mass productivity. Set out below are the four changes Mukul Kumar identified, that are required in order to capitalise on the opportunity:

  1.   Be insatiably curious. Be willing to explore new problems and new patterns
  2.   Think about finding the opportunity in problems. Think about what problems are meaningful to you.
  3.   Connect the dots. Figure out problems in one area and then apply them elsewhere.
  4.   Create and iterate solutions. Ideas themselves don’t have value; it’s about creation and creative disruption.

The age of exponential growth is within our grasp – and it’s worth seizing.