Meet the Judges – Adam Freeman thinks “near future”


Tell us about yourself

I have built my career around the passion people have with media and how to build a business with it. I have worked for global corporates, worked in all media channels, started two digital businesses of my own and invested in others.
I believe building engaged and passionate relationships with people is now the key to success for all businesses, especially startups as that is often all they have to begin with.

What will you be looking for in a winning pitch?

  1. Clear articulation of how you are making people’s lives better and why they should care.
  2. A sensible near future action plan.
  3. I need to believe in the motivations and strength of the team.

Give us three interesting links for any start-up

Amazon is the master of product design and delivery. I often use their press release concept to focus my thinking. Read about it here.

The team (used to be called 37 Signals) behind Basecamp are fantastic and this is their podcast on building enduring businesses –

A great free resource of advice and links for startups –