Meet the Judges Jamie Coleman looks to the team


Tell us about yourself

I’m the founder and Managing Director of CodeBase, the UK’s largest tech incubator with companies including FanDuel, Cloudsoft, Reloaded Games, Rightscale and more. I began in the Life Sciences but moved into software and company building. I’m focussed on company engineering to build billion dollar scale ups across multiple sectors. Most of my interest is in b2b/enterprise software in areas such as healthcare, energy, security, education and IoT. I have founded and acted as a director in a range of software businesses from healthcare education to drug discovery. I founded the Turing Festival; sit on the board of the Edinburgh International Festival and have my own healthcare informatics research entity.

What will you be looking for in a winning pitch?

Team: I’m looking for an incredible team displaying the technical capability to building the product; domain expertise in the particular sector and the ability to sell it. I want to know that they can take a great idea to fruition.

Product: I’m looking for an impressive product which is a step change in the current marketplace. I’m looking for the combination of technology and human insight at the core of an amazing idea.

Market: I’m looking for massive markets. Either a colossal total addressable market or a breakthrough idea which will make a brand new market.