Meet the Judges – Martin Harriman wants quirk and character


Tell us about yourself

I’ve had three different careers. In my first I pursued a boyhood ambition to have a career in military aviation and through that developed a fascination for technology, which took me into a second corporate career working in technology and mobile. Finally, I moved into an entrepreneurial adventure setting up small (very) and large (very, very) start-ups in the UK, US and South Asia.

What will you be looking for in a winning pitch?

Obviously the usual stuff, a good idea, a good team – commitment, drive, enthusiasm and character. But I also like the quirky and different – surprise me and make me laugh!

Give us three interesting links for any start-up

I’m a tech guy so you’d expect me to point you to at least one tech site – Tech Crunch. 

On a more practical level, as you start to grow, take on employees, work collaboratively with partners and customers, you’ll need some way to manage that. I’m a fan of Basecamp.

Finally, someone has to lead the company and whilst an ex-army General (and US secretary of state) might not seem to be an obvious fit for an entrepreneur, Colin Powell’s 13 rules for a future leader are well worth a read.