Putting the fun into fighting decay

Brushing your teeth is fun, right? No, not particularly – and rather less so if you’re a child. But the Entrepreneurs behind Playbrush aim to encourage reluctant children to brush their teeth by introducing gamification into what is a tedious, but nonetheless essential, grooming chore.

Playbrush consists of a smart device attachment that can be put on any manual toothbrush, which, when paired with a mobile device, transforms the brush into a fun and interactive game controller. Children – or those who are young at heart – select a character from the game on their mobile device, which they then control to fend off monsters. A happy consequence of this is that is also cleans their teeth properly.

Paul Varga, one of the Entrepreneurs behind the company and a self-confessed lazy brusher, says that he came up with the idea after observing his godchild reluctantly clean his teeth.

Despite only launching the product before Christmas, sales figures suggest that there’s a gap in the market for such a product. However the company wants more – hence its appearance at Pitch@Palace Boot Camp where it was after mentorship and help in scaling the business, and got this in spades.

Speaking of his Pitch@Palace Boot Camp experience, Varga said: “I think its brilliant – it’s helped us quite a lot to get our pitch better and frame it better. We’ve got some great feedback from the mentors to shape our value proposition. And we have already got some great introductions.”