Sara Murray tells us
3 ways to win

Tell us about yourself

Sara is Founder and CEO of Buddi, which provides personal mobile monitoring solutions in the health and criminal justice sectors. She is an Entrepreneur of the Year winner and sits on the governing board of Innovate UK. She was awarded an OBE for services to Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2012.


3 Ways You Can Win

1) Tell everyone your idea!

Contrary to popular opinion, no-one is likely to steal your idea and implement it faster than you, so the benefits of sharing your idea outweigh the risks.

People will challenge you and help you to hone your idea and think through the pitfalls.

2) The only reason companies fail is that they run out of money!

Don’t spend anything you don’t absolutely need to spend when you start out.

3) Aim to exceed your parents’ expectations of you – they’ll always be higher than your own!