Top Tips on What Investors Really Want – Mike Lawton

Speaking at Pitch@Palace 6.0 Boot Camp in Oxford, Mike Lawton from Oxford Space Systems, spoke of his experience in attracting investment.

It’s important to be pitch perfect when meeting investors. Here are his top tips of how Entrepreneurs can impress and get the investment that they are after:

  • Help investors understand your business. Tell them what the problem is you are solving – not what its features are.
  • Show your passion – not the technical ‘how it does it’ but why it’s important to your customers.
  • Use pictures, videos and props to bring your pitch to life.
  • Focus on the first slide – savvy investors will make up their minds in the first few minutes.
  • Practice, practice, practice – ensure your pacing fits the time available.
  • A pitch is not the time to close the deal – its an opportunity to get them excited enough to want to learn more. Don’t scare them off.
  • A broad strategy and clear principles is more enduring than a 100-page business plan.

Investors will want to know more about your business and Lawton also provided a list of questions that they are likely to ask. These included:

  • Who is the team?
  • Does the business have scalability?
  • Is the technology disruptive – they don’t want to see marginal improvements on existing tech.
  • Is the IP protectable?
  • Is there customer traction?
  • Does it have a strong value proposition?
  • Does it have a defensible position and how are you going to protect the business from competitors?
  • Is there a clear exit?