Will King gives the lowdown on what makes a start-up fly

  1. Impossible is Nothing, Just Do It.  To paraphrase two global sporting brand slogans, this is the mindset you’ll need to start, gather momentum and break through with your business.  Most people do think it is impossible, and don’t do it.  So, be different – with purpose – and who knows, if you run a marathon at sprinter speed, you might be the next Usain Bolt of Business!
  2. Get Rated, Not Slated.  We live in a Tripadvisor ‘Rate or Slate’ world.  If things aren’t amazing, they get slated.  If they’re fantastic, they get rated.  So, whatever your business, product, service or idea – make sure it REALLY is a great one.  These days, average simply doesn’t cut it, and you could spend years being a busy fool, with something that never really gets people fired up.  King of Shaves first product was a shaving oil, it eliminated razor burn, looked 100% different to a can of chemical shave foam, men with sensitive skin loved it.  With just a couple hundred sold in 1993, we’ve now shaved over SEVEN BILLION FACES…
  3. Be Different, With Purpose.  Nobody likes the same old same old.  And, it’s of course easy to be different.  You could, for example, launch a square coffee mug.  But, why?  Will it help you drink better?  Will it keep the coffee warmer?  Will it be easier to hold?  Nope, probably not.  So, no point being different for different’s sake.  But, if you get a problem solved in a better way, you could be onto something.  For sure, it’s not easy.  But, success never is.  So, get thinking.  What’s your ‘Different But Better’ Purpose?
  4. Embrace Change as a Constant.  People hate, fear change.  But, change is Inevitable (with a capital E).  Look at what the Uber app + Prius cars are doing to the Taxi Meter and Diesel powered cabs.  If you always keep reinventing yourself, like Madonna, you’ll likely remain current.  But, if you stay the same, well you’ll get left for dust.
  5. Be More Maximus.  I recently wore a Gladiator costume to a fancy dress event, a movie quality costume.  People LOVED it.  And I felt great wearing it.  It’s important to ‘Be More Maximus’ – in life, in what you do, how you work with people, gain respect and be there to help and overcome the bad ‘uns.  If you or your brand are a bit minimus, well – beware – an invisibility cloak only worked well for Harry Potter!