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2 Nov 2015

Meet the Judges – Tim Kay “Why balance is key”

Tell us about yourself

An accountant by training (please, read on….) I’ve been at KPMG for 15 years. Most of that time has been working with big technology companies across the world (with a three year detour into Oil and Gas).

In 2011, I left the shiny buildings (and suits) of Canary Wharf to set-up our early stage technology group. Based in Shoreditch the team helps companies of all shapes and sizes across the technology sphere with their business and finance issues, working directly with entrepreneurs, accelerators and the investment community. A personal passion of mine is the (still uptapped) potential of start-up and corporate collaboration.

Since 2014 I’ve been helping turn KPMG into a technology enabled professional services firm.

What will you be looking for in a winning pitch?

In a word – balance.

Balance in having the ambition to take on the world, but also know how you’re going to take the first few steps.

Balance in having the talent to bring a product or service to market, but appreciate that you may need to supplement your talents with others.

Balance in having the ability to know the key details of your business, market and product, while maintaining the big picture.

Give us three links for any start-up

All tech focused but with lessons that can be applied across many sectors:

  1. Anything from Mark Suster at Both Sides of the Table – great insight (not surprisingly) from both viewpoints of his role as entrepreneur and VC.
  2. The folks at Rocketspace have a helpful blog on Corporate Innovation – if you want to get some practical advice and thoughts on partnering with corporates it’s a must read.
  3. Data on private capital businesses is notoriously difficult to get and aggregate properly. The team at CB Insights have done better than most and their analysis via a handy newsletter is always a good read.

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