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11 Nov 2015

Tony Fernandes – “5 ways you can win”

5 ways you can win

1. You don’t need to know everything to win.

I did not come from an aviation background and look where I am today – what you need is the right idea, have the passion for it and executing it well.

2. Passion is key to win

Dreams do come true. Don’t worry about failure. If you have the passion, you will always find a way to resolve things.

3. Don’t be scared of complaints

Treat complaint emails seriously. It’s free market research – people are writing in to you to give you feedback and tell you how to improve! Take it, learn from it, and improve – that’s how you win.

4. Go to the ground

You can cover two things when you go to the ground. First – you learn how to be an effective boss because you get real and relevant feedback from your staff. Secondly – that’s where you can discover talent. That’s where you go to empower your people and when you put your people first, they will in turn put the company first.

5. Never underestimate the potential of your staff

Your biggest assets, besides your ideas, are your people – because at the end of the day, it is the people who will deliver your ideas.

At the end of the day, every aspiring entrepreneur should be persistent with their mission and goals. Know what you want, find your way to achieve it. It will never be easy, it has never been for me. But the rewards are worth it – AirAsia would not be where it is today if we gave up or gave in when times were tough. Today, we are the World’s Best Low Cost Airline for seven consecutive years, and most recently, we became the only low-cost airline to be recognised as ‘Asia’s Leading Cabin Crew’ beating all other full-service carriers who were nominated at the World Travel Awards (Asia & Australasia) 2015.

Dream the impossible, believe the unbelievable, never take no for an answer.

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